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Concordia University, St. Paul is thankful to the active duty and guard and reserve service members, veterans, and their families. You’ve sacrificed a lot to serve our country — we don’t think you should have to sacrifice your goal of earning your degree. As a bronze-level Military Friendly® university, we’re here to help.

We take our student-centered approach a step further for our military-affiliated students. You’ll find a wealth of personal support from real people in our dedicated Veterans’ Resource Center. They’ll help you identify and obtain benefits, scholarships, and financial aid. They’ll act as your advocate if you get deployed or have a change in status while enrolled.

Online programs from CSP Global feature supportive and energetic faculty. You’ll reach your goals in a flexible, digital environment while gaining valuable experience and advanced industry knowledge in the tradition of Concordia University, St. Paul’s academic excellence.

  • Earn your degree with no out-of-pocket expenses with the Veteran’s Post-911 GI Bill® (Yellow Ribbon Program)
  • Benefit from hassle-free withdrawal options if you get called to active duty or get a change in military assignment
  • Save money with the $2,000 veteran’s military scholarship for non-active military and veterans
  • If you are a Minnesota resident, take advantage of the Minnesota GI Bill®

Explore the Online Programs at CSP Global

Choose a flexible associate degree that fits with your interests and career goals.

60 credit hours; 2 years

Study various academic disciplines to gain the ability to critically examine the world from unique perspectives.

Areas of emphasis: Writing, communication, and global studies

72 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Maintain a professional edge in the early childhood education field with a flexible degree.

Areas of emphasis: Growth and development, children’s play, and early learning

Pick a specialized certificate program to expand your skill set.

15 Credit Hours; 12 Months

Explore how behavioral health affects the criminal justice and legal systems.

Areas of emphasis: Evidence-based practices, therapeutic strategies, risk assessment, and special populations

15 Credit Hours; 12 Months

Expand your skill set to include strategies and techniques that help victims of trauma or toxic stress exposure.

Areas of emphasis: Mindfulness training, the human brain, and family systems

Choose a CSP Global bachelor’s degree to gain skills and knowledge through our up-to-date curriculum.

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Gain a comprehensive understanding of trends, rules, and regulations in the expansive field of accounting.

Areas of emphasis: Business fundamentals, microeconomics, and finance management

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Learn foundational business skills in marketing, project management, finance, and ethics, and develop solutions to problems in modern-day industries.
Earn certifications in data analysis, digital marketing and e-commerce, and conflict resolution.

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Expand your foundational skills with specialized courses in entrepreneurship, social intelligence, innovation and more.
Earn certifications in data analysis, digital marketing and e-commerce, and conflict resolution.

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Learn to care for infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children through CAEP-accredited coursework.

Areas of emphasis: Ethics, play, language, and growth

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Prepare for police work, investigations, and more with a well-rounded criminal justice skill set.

Areas of emphasis: Criminology, criminal law, and ethical and legal dilemmas

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Prepare for post-graduate study or positions in coaching, training, rehabilitation, or fitness.

Areas of emphasis: Nutrition, physiology, and applied exercise prescription

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Customize your degree and build foundational knowledge in a range of topics, including communication, leadership, critical thinking, and more.

Areas of emphasis: Business, health care, technology, or general studies.

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Gain the confidence to succeed in the health care industry through practical, timely coursework.

Areas of emphasis: Economics, information systems, regulations, and communication

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Prepare yourself to become a strategic, organizational leader in any business.

Areas of emphasis: Strategic compensation systems, organizational development, and strategic human resources

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Develop a foundation in marketing principles and technical skills for the modern-day marketing field.

Areas of emphasis: Search engine optimization, e-commerce, and data analysis

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Gain the hands-on project management skills necessary to become a team leader and manage day-to-day business.

Areas of emphasis: Organizational behavior, business fundamentals, and applied accounting and finance

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Prepare for a modern health environment through a comprehensive curriculum and an internship.

Areas of emphasis: Research methods, developmental and abnormal psychology, and counseling

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Learn the skills necessary to be successful in a variety of tech industry careers.

Areas of emphasis: Web design, software development, and user experience

Grow your career with a graduate degree from CSP Global.

33 Credit Hours; 18 Months

Become a Tudor-certified college recruiting expert through a specialized curriculum.

Areas of emphasis: Coaching, scouting, research, ethics, and management

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Enhance your professionalism and position yourself for criminal justice leadership opportunities.

Areas of emphasis: Leadership, correctional design, legal and legislative issues, and applied ethics

30 Credit Hours; 18 Months

Learn to interpret, evaluate, and apply research and theory related to all areas of early childhood education.

Areas of emphasis: Theories of play, language and literacy development, and curriculum and instruction

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Develop human resource leadership, financial and strategic thinking, and innovation to maximize human capital’s ROI.

Areas of emphasis: Ethical and legal issues, recruitment, compensation, and organizational development

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Focus on the direct relationship between behavioral health, criminal justice, and legal systems.

Areas of emphasis: Human services, trauma, psychopathology, and substance use

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Become a more effective human services professional through relevant and actionable trauma-informed curriculum.

Areas of emphasis: Stressor-related disorders, the impact of trauma on the developing brain, and behavioral health

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Explore business ethics, leadership, and core business areas such as marketing and accounting.

Areas of emphasis: Managerial research, analytics, and systems thinking

39 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Prepare for modern-day business-centric roles in health care management and administration.

Areas of emphasis: Economics, managerial decision analysis, and health care informatics

33 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Prepare to lead in a variety of settings by advancing your skills with the latest, science-based research.

Areas of emphasis: Physiology, testing, applied exercise prescription, and biomechanics

33 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Develop expertise in kinesiology topics as you prepare to design fitness programs and train athletes at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.

Areas of emphasis: Exercise physiology, fitness assessment, program design, exercise prescription, and nutrition

History of Excellence

Concordia University, St. Paul was founded in 1893 as a Christian liberal arts university dedicated to providing students with an exceptional faith-based education to prepare them for successful careers and meaningful lives. We have remained focused on that mission for more than 130 years. We are proud to continue our legacy of learning with quality, career-connected degree programs available through CSP Global. Join us as we redefine the role of the university in support of the individual, employer, and economy.

Online Study at CSP Global

With over 25 years of experience and more than 40 online programs, CSP Global is a pioneer in online education. The career-connected curricula, flexible learning options, and alumni connections available at CSP Global mean you’ll graduate ready for success. Join our diverse online learning community for a flexible education with the same quality as on-campus learning.

Expanding Your Knowledge at Concordia University, St. Paul

As an online student at CSP Global, you’ll be in charge of your schedule and learn from faculty members who have a wealth of experience in their fields of study. Members of our diverse student body come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, faiths, cultural heritages, and age groups, offering you an expansive network. Through a liberal arts foundation and specialized, up-to-date coursework, you’ll build your skill set and be ready for the next stage of your career.

Earn More with a Degree from CSP Global

Concordia University, St. Paul is ranked highly among universities when it comes to a return on investment. In addition, degrees at every level contribute to higher earning potential in almost all fields. The median annual wage for all occupations in 2020 was $41,950. That number increased depending on the level of education achieved.1

  • Associate: $55,870
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s: $76,800-$78,020
  • Doctoral or Professional: $110,160

CSP Global offers online degrees in some of the highest-earning and most in-demand fields, including technology, business, education, and health care. When you enroll, you’re setting yourself up for a bright future and career success.

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