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In Concordia University, St. Paul’s online programs, you get the benefits of a liberal arts education along with the marketable skills you need for a successful career. We offer competitive tuition, transfer credit opportunities and accelerated courses so you can achieve your dreams on your terms.

Online programs from CSP Global feature career-connected curricula, supportive faculty, and meaningful alumni connections, all dedicated to helping guide you on your path to success. You’ll reach your goals in a flexible, digital environment while gaining valuable experience and advanced industry knowledge in the tradition of Concordia University, St. Paul’s academic excellence. 

  • 40+ online programs  
  • 97% admission rate 
  • Abundant student support resources and career services 
  • CSP Global graduates earn 44% more than the national average1 

Explore the Online Programs at CSP Global

Choose a flexible associate degree that fits with your interests and career goals.

60 credit hours; 2 years

Study various academic disciplines to gain the ability to critically examine the world from unique perspectives.

Areas of emphasis: Writing, communication, and global studies

72 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Maintain a professional edge in the early childhood education field with a flexible degree.

Areas of emphasis: Growth and development, children’s play, and early learning

Pick a specialized certificate program to expand your skill set.

15 Credit Hours; 12 Months

Explore how behavioral health affects the criminal justice and legal systems.

Areas of emphasis: Evidence-based practices, therapeutic strategies, risk assessment, and special populations

15 Credit Hours; 12 Months

Expand your skill set to include strategies and techniques that help victims of trauma or toxic stress exposure.

Areas of emphasis: Mindfulness training, the human brain, and family systems

Choose a CSP Global bachelor’s degree to gain skills and knowledge through our up-to-date curriculum.

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Gain a comprehensive understanding of trends, rules, and regulations in the expansive field of accounting.

Areas of emphasis: Business fundamentals, microeconomics, and finance management

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Learn foundational business skills in marketing, project management, finance, and ethics, and develop solutions to problems in modern-day industries.
Earn certifications in data analysis, digital marketing and e-commerce, and conflict resolution.

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Expand your foundational skills with specialized courses in entrepreneurship, social intelligence, innovation and more.
Earn certifications in data analysis, digital marketing and e-commerce, and conflict resolution.

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Learn to care for infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children through CAEP-accredited coursework.

Areas of emphasis: Ethics, play, language, and growth

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Prepare for police work, investigations, and more with a well-rounded criminal justice skill set.

Areas of emphasis: Criminology, criminal law, and ethical and legal dilemmas

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Prepare for post-graduate study or positions in coaching, training, rehabilitation, or fitness.

Areas of emphasis: Nutrition, physiology, and applied exercise prescription

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Customize your degree and build foundational knowledge in a range of topics, including communication, leadership, critical thinking, and more.

Areas of emphasis: Business, health care, technology, or general studies.

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Gain the confidence to succeed in the health care industry through practical, timely coursework.

Areas of emphasis: Economics, information systems, regulations, and communication

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Prepare yourself to become a strategic, organizational leader in any business.

Areas of emphasis: Strategic compensation systems, organizational development, and strategic human resources

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Develop a foundation in marketing principles and technical skills for the modern-day marketing field.

Areas of emphasis: Search engine optimization, e-commerce, and data analysis

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Prepare for a modern health environment through a comprehensive curriculum and an internship.

Areas of emphasis: Research methods, developmental and abnormal psychology, and counseling

120 Credit Hours; As Few As 2 Years

Learn the skills necessary to be successful in a variety of tech industry careers.

Areas of emphasis: Web design, software development, and user experience

Grow your career with a graduate degree from CSP Global.

33 Credit Hours; 18 Months

Become a Tudor-certified college recruiting expert through a specialized curriculum.

Areas of emphasis: Coaching, scouting, research, ethics, and management

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Enhance your professionalism and position yourself for criminal justice leadership opportunities.

Areas of emphasis: Leadership, correctional design, legal and legislative issues, and applied ethics

30 Credit Hours; 18 Months

Learn to interpret, evaluate, and apply research and theory related to all areas of early childhood education.

Areas of emphasis: Theories of play, language and literacy development, and curriculum and instruction

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Develop human resource leadership, financial and strategic thinking, and innovation to maximize human capital ROI.

Areas of emphasis: Ethical and legal issues, recruitment, compensation, and organizational development

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Focus on the direct relationship between behavioral health, criminal justice, and legal systems.

Areas of emphasis: Human services, trauma, psychopathology, and substance use

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Become a more effective human services professional through relevant and actionable trauma-informed curriculum.

Areas of emphasis: Stressor-related disorders, the impact of trauma on the developing brain, and behavioral health

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Explore business ethics, leadership, and core business areas such as marketing and accounting.

Areas of emphasis: Managerial research, analytics, and systems thinking

39 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Prepare for modern-day business-centric roles in health care management and administration.

Areas of emphasis: Economics, managerial decision analysis, and health care informatics

33 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Prepare to lead in a variety of settings by advancing your skills with the latest, science-based research.

Areas of emphasis: Physiology, testing, applied exercise prescription, and biomechanics

33 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Develop expertise in kinesiology topics as you prepare to design fitness programs and train athletes at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.

Areas of emphasis: Exercise physiology, fitness assessment, program design, exercise prescription, and nutrition

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